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QuickBooks Pro Advisor – What They Do and How to Find One

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QuickBooks Pro Advisor

Entrepreneurs and business owners usually need a bookkeeper or accountant to keep track of their finances. These professionals must be exceptionally knowledgeable about handling the accounts. A QuickBooks Pro Advisor has advanced knowledge of using QuickBooks software to manage business finances. Individuals who sign up for QuickBooks Online Accountants can enroll in the QuickBooks ProAdvisor program and grow their professional expertise. After the completion of this program, the professional can list their firm for free in the ‘Find A ProAdvisor Directory.’ The ProAdvisors have mastery over QuickBooks, from its basic setup to the latest tools. In this post, you’ll learn more about these professionals, what they do, and how to find one.  


What Is a QuickBooks Pro Advisor?

A QuickBooks Pro Advisor is a person who has completed the ProAdvisor certification course. An Intuit ProAdvisor certification is of different types, such as that for QuickBooks Point of Sale, QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Pro, and the like. The one with a certification in QuickBooks Advanced has the highest level of knowledge. They are aware of every minute detail of the software. ProAdvisors know how to fix all minor and major problems, such as out-of-balance balance sheets and bank feed issues. They can even train others to use QuickBooks properly. Naturally, working with them enhances the efficiency and productivity of the business.   


Key Duties of a QuickBooks Pro Advisor

A QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor facilitates businesses getting the most from QuickBooks through the following:  

  • Selection of suitable versions of QB for specific business needs.
  • Configuring QuickBooks correctly 
  • Customizing the software, so it fulfills the needs of the business in question.
  • Training employees on QuickBooks best practices.
  • Eliminating clutter by cleaning up QuickBooks company files and installation.
  • Producing appropriate financial reports.
  • Providing consultations on using QuickBooks to enhance business. 

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What Is Intuit QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program

QuickBooks Desktop ProAdvisor certification gives accountants the training to use QuickBooks optimally. There is numerous beginner to advanced courses available to enhance existing knowledge.  These programs are designed by accounting professionals and are available on-demand and in real-time virtual. When you access these programs during your QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor training, you will earn CPE credits. Accountants can learn however they like. Options include webinars, virtual conferences, and in-person events. You can get QuickBooks ProAdvisor certification in the following:

  1. QuickBooks Online
  2. QuickBooks Desktop
  3. QuickBooks Online Advanced
  4. QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise
  5. QuickBooks Online Payroll.

On becoming a QuickBooks certified ProAdvisor, you’ll access premier marketing resources to differentiate your firm and get clients. Some of the ways in which the program gives you credibility include:  

  • Certification badges to emphasize your expertise.
  • Email marketing at discounted prices via Constant Contact
  • Squarespace website builder at discounted prices
  • QuickBooks ProAdvisor merchandise

Not only that but there is a QuickBooks Advisor Pro recertification program to safeguard your status. Every year, Intuit asks ProAdvisors to pass a recertification exam as it keeps updating its products. This exam ensures that you are updated with the latest features and know-how of Intuit QuickBooks products.   

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Points to Know About QuickBooks ProAdvisor Pricing 

Intuit offers a ProAdvisor Preferred Pricing program for accountants. It contains ongoing discount options for QuickBooks Online and every QuickBooks product. This pricing is applicable for subscriptions you add, downgrade, or upgrade via QuickBooks Online Accountant. Here’s how to add your clients to the preferred pricing list.   

  • Login to QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor.
  • In the ‘Add Client’ screen, input your client’s data.
  • Select all those members you desire to give access to the account.
  • Choose the discount option you like.
  • There are two options, ProAdvisor discount, where Intuit bills your firm, and Direct discount, where Intuit bills your client. 
  • Choose the products you suggest for your client.
  • Finally, tap ‘Save.’

  Currently, the following discounts are being offered by Intuit.   

  • ProAdvisor discount of 30 percent (ongoing)
  • Direct discount of 30 percent (for a year)
  • Revenue share 50 percent (first three months)

  The following table gives QuickBooks Pro Advisor pricing for different QuickBooks Online versions.

Simple Start $21 per month (on choosing ProAdvisor discount ) $21 per month (on choosing direct discount)
Essentials $38.50 per month (on choosing ProAdvisor discount) $38.50 per month (on choosing a direct discount)
Plus $59.50 per month (on choosing ProAdvisor discount) $59.50 per month (on choosing a direct discount)
Advanced $140 per month (on choosing the ProAdvisor discount) $140 per month (on choosing a direct discount)

  Any accounting professional signing up for QuickBooks Online Accountant and initiating new client subscriptions is eligible for ProAdvisor preferred pricing program.  


How Business Owners can Find QuickBooks Pro Advisor

Business owners can start their search of finding a QuickBooks certified ProAdvisor by going to this link. Here, it’s easy to find professionals who can assist with taxes, accounts, payroll, and the like. Just enter the city or zip code and tap on the ‘Find a ProAdvisor’ button.   However, every QuickBooks ProAdvisor isn’t the same. So, it’s essential to select only the right ones. Here are the steps to find a reliable Intuit QuickBooks Pro Advisor.  

Decide on the industry.

Although it’s easy to find a ProAdvisor by typing the city and zip code, there are ways to filter the search. Usually, this search brings several results. It’s essential to narrow it down by pointing to the type of industry the business belongs to.    Some of the key industries to choose from and narrow the results include the following.  

  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Computer 
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Non-profit
  • Retail
  • Wholesale distribution
  • Beauty
  • Hospitality
  • Government agency
  • Telecommunications
  • Legal

Review the QuickBooks Pro Advisor profiles

The next step is to find a professional fully certified in the type of QuickBooks products you use. For instance, if you use QuickBooks Desktop, it’s essential to find a certified QuickBooks Desktop ProAdvisor. To make the task of checking profiles easy, ensure that you review ProAdvisor’s customer reviews, certifications, professional experience, credentials, and software expertise.  

Converse with the QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor

After finding a prospective ProAdvisor, it’s time to assess their capability to work. Make a request for the initiative with the ProAdvisor you select. It would be wise to jot down a set of preferred qualities in a certified Intuit QuickBooks Pro Advisor. After that, explain your expectations, the business, and the pain points to familiarize the professional thoroughly with their duties. Consider their responses carefully and determine if they will help increase your business productivity.  

Ask for some references.

After agreeing on a particular ProAdvisor, ask them for some references from their past clients. Contact those references to gain knowledge of the capabilities of the chosen professional. ProAdvisor shouldn’t have any issues giving you a reference for their past clients.  

Consider alternative sources 

If it’s not possible to find a QuickBooks Pro Advisor from the official link above, try some other places. These include:  

  • LinkedIn
  • Indeed
  • Meet up groups of QuickBooks ProAdvisor around the United States

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Final Words

Working with a QuickBooks Pro Advisor is the best option for those wanting to leverage the software for their business. These professionals give no-nonsense and direct advice that is up-to-date. The ProAdvisor certification also allows accountants to expand their skills and gain more clients. If you need to know more about any aspect of this certification, consult a QuickBooks technical service. 


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