Privacy Policy:

Please go through the terms of our privacy policy:

QuickbooksToolHubs assures you complete privacy. You can entrust your personal data required to assist you with QuickBooks issues. Here, we have explained why and when we need to collect your data and how it's safe with us.

  • 1. To begin with our services, you must register with us. The details required for this are- your First and Last name, Email Address, Postal address, and contact number. Etc.
  • 2. Your contact number will be used to reach out to you after you request our service and product. This will also be used to confirm your registration and inform you about special offers, improving services, and the latest services/products.
  • 3. We'll require you to provide us with your debit or credit card details when purchasing with us. The site may use a third-party service for payment. This may require us to share your payment details necessary to the extent needed for the transaction. However, it won't breach your privacy; thus, rest assured of security.
  • 4. Based on your query, we may need to collect data related to your computers, such as model number, software, hardware, or peripherals attached to them.
    In some cases, other crucial details such as the date of purchase of your system, serial number of your computer, computer conditions, and application that is in conflict to resolve the problem.
  • 5. When diagnosing the problem, we may need your system and registry data of the software installed on your system. Further, hardware configuration details may also be needed. These details are only required to customize and provide personalized technical support.

Methods to Resolve the Issue:

Remote Access:

In many cases, when an expert's intervention is required, you may ask for a remote solution. In such scenarios, our expert will require remote access to your system. However, it'll be done using secure and trusted utilities. The expert then takes control of your system over the internet only after you grant permission.

This, in turn, helps experts analyze the issue, diagnose the error and rectify it then and there only.

What safety measures do we apply in remote access?

We are aware of your concerns, and to maintain your privacy, we train our experts beforehand. Meanwhile, they are rectifying the issue and we keep a keen eye on them. Most importantly, our experts get remote access only after they pass the training and get consent to remote access.

Our specialists respect your Right to Privacy and won't access any financial, sensitive, or confidential information you have stored on your computer and provided to us. They further commit not to purposefully or willfully destroy data on your system using computers or networks.

Diagnostic Tool:

Our diagnostic tool may need to collect some essential details about the state of your computer and application in order to proceed further. The following information is then analyzed to complete the diagnosis process and resolve the issue at the user-end.

Though it will not include the user's email passwords, email messages, email address, etc., the diagnostic tool and Remote access may use information subject to the terms of use in the software license agreements

Why is your data secure with us?

We use HTTPS and SSL security for your personal information. All your information shared by you and collected by us is safe with us. As we run regular testing on our website, we use a secure payment gateway and prevent it from any malicious attack.

Further, the cookie is neither linked to any personally identified information nor does it breach your privacy.

How long is your personal information retained with us?

Your personal information is retained with us as long as you have subscribed on your website, registered for our products, and for a reasonable time afterward.

Why do we record live help sessions?

QuickbooksToolHubs has reserved the Right to Protect its privacy and measures quality control. This includes online and offline help sessions between the client and QuickBooksToolHubs expert.

It also helps with:
  • 1. User's reference and in the resolution of complaints and disputes.
  • 2. To improve our service quality.
  • 3. Create Frequently Asked Questions.

Security Concerns:

The user data is safe with us, whether shared online or offline; it'll be kept secure using all measures. Some of which include 128-bit SSL encryption for payment that secures your card details when making online purchases and exchanging the data on the website.

Further, user information is available to specific employees such as billing or customer service executives as per their needs. But, overall, it remains protected and restricted to our office.

Please note that ALL OUR EMPLOYEES are made abreast of your security and privacy policy. Your information will be disclosed on events to safeguard ourselves from legal action by relevant authorities or law-enforcement officers.

Newsletters & Special Offers:

We do send welcome emails to our new customers. Also, send special offers emails (related to products and services), special deals, and newsletters to our present and past customers.

Change in Privacy Policies:

QuickbooksToolHubs has the absolute right to update or update this policy at any time. This does not include notifying users individually or specifically, except by posting the amendment notice.

Thus your consent for the shared information on our website will be considered your acceptance of the current policy.

None of these activities are linked to personally identifiable information.