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QuickBooks CAMPs

Summary: Searching for a complete QuickBooks guide? Stop your search with QuickBooks CAMPS! Our blog is your definitive resource for everything QuickBooks-related information.

QuickBooks CAMPS is the go-to resource for QuickBooks users seeking optimized financial procedures. This blog post will discuss the several features of QB CAMPS, from its user-friendly interface to its robust functionality. We will also provide you with the information on utilizing it, which makes your accounting easy. By the end of this post, you will have a thorough knowledge of why CAMPS is an important tool for managing your QuickBooks. So let’s start!


What is Intuit QuickBooks CAMPS?

QuickBooks CAMPS (Customer Account Management Portal Site), an online management platform, streamlines account information and product details for users. Offering a central hub, it simplifies handling QuickBooks products and services.

Additionally, users can view and modify billing and payment information with ease. The portal facilitates user access management, product/license details retrieval, and software downloads. Furthermore, CAMPS enables subscription management, allowing users to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel services as needed.

Users can access customer support resources to resolve account or product-related issues effectively. CAMPS enhances organization and control over QuickBooks Software and services for users.


Features of QuickBooks CAMPs

Camps come up with many features that simplify QuickBooks. These are the following:

  • A complete platform is easy for account management for QuickBooks goods and services, optimizing the user experience.
  • See and amend billing and payment information easily, ensuring that account records are accurate.
  • Maintaining security and role-based access while managing user access control and permissions
  • Obtain product/licensing information for QuickBooks applications, such as license numbers and product keys.
  • QuickBooks CAMPs Download QuickBooks and update files.
  • Adapt subscriptions to company requirements by upgrading, downgrading, or terminating services.
  • Access customer support resources for help with the account or product-related concerns.
  • Monitor account activity by examining transaction history, order tracking, and product charges.
  • Modify the primary contact and administer authorized users while retaining accurate contact details.
  • Edit the business’s address and telephone number to ensure all communication channels are current.
  • Its robust functionality increases account security by enabling password updates and two-factor authentication.


How to Use QuickBooks CAMPs?

To use the Inuti CAMPs for QuickBooks, you have to first sign in to it. If you don’t have a CAMPs account, then you have to create one first with the following:


Step 1: Create a CAMPs Account in QuickBooks

Creating a CAMPS account involves the following simple steps:

  1. Firstly, go to the QuickBooks CAMPs Website –
  2. Secondly, click “Create an account.”
  3. Now, enter your email address.
  4. Click “Continue.”
  5. After that, enter your first and last name.
  6. Next, create a strong password following the guidelines on the screen.
  7. Afterward, click the checkbox to agree to the terms of service and privacy statement.
  8. Click “Create an account.”
  9. Check your email for a verification message from Intuit.
  10. Click the verification link from the email to verify your account.
  11. Lastly, Sign in with Intuit QuickBooks camps login email and password.


Step 2: Use QuickBooks CAMPs

When you successfully create a CAMPs account by following the given steps, you can use it.

Edit or Modify Your Email

These steps apply to QuickBooks Desktop and Point of Sale versions.

  1. Sign in to CAMPS.
  2. Choose the product or service to edit or manage..

Update your User ID:

  1. Click the company name drop-down menu and select My Profile.
  2. Click Edit in the User ID field and enter the new email address.
  3. Enter your password.
  4. Click Save.

Update contact details:

  1. Click the company name drop-down menu and select the appropriate company.
  2. Scroll down to the Authorized Users list and click Edit.
  3. Enter your new CAMPs email id.
  4. Click Save.

Note: You will receive a verification email at the new email address.

  • Update other details such as email address, phone number, password, and personal information by clicking Edit next to the relevant fields.


Find Your License Number

Access your QuickBooks Product License number from the Products & Services list in CAMPS:

  1. Sign in to CAMPS.
  2. From the Products & Services list, locate your app or subscription.
  3. Select Details to view your License Number.


Update QuickBooks Desktop Payment Method

  1. Sign in to CAMPS.
  2. From the Products & Services list, locate your app or subscription.
  3. Select Details.
  4. In Billing Information, find Payment Method and click Edit.
  5. Update your information and click Save, then Close.


Download Purchased Products

  1. Sign in to
  2. Locate your QuickBooks app in the Products & Services list.
  3. Click Details and Download.
  4. Install QuickBooks Desktop.


View Transactions, Product Orders, and Charges

  1. Sign in to CAMPS.
  2. Click View Your Transaction History.
  3. Use the Time Period drop-down to select a transaction date range.
  4. Locate the order you need and click the Order Number to view order details.
  5. Click Print This Page to print the transaction list and Back to My Account to return to the CAMPS dashboard.


Change Primary Contact

  1. Sign in to your CAMPS account.
  2. Scroll to the “Primary Contact” section.
  3. Click Change.
  4. Select the new primary contact from the account contacts list.
  5. Click Save, then Close.


Add, Edit, or Remove Users

Add an Authorized User

  1. Sign in to CAMPS.
  2. Select the product or service you want to manage on the Manage Your QuickBooks page.
  3. Click Invite a User.
  4. Enter your contact information.
  5. Click Send Invite.

Remove Authorized Users

  1. Sign in to QB CAMPS.
  2. Select the product or service you want to manage on the Manage Your QuickBooks page.
  3. Scroll down to the Authorized Users section.
  4. Choose the user’s name you wish to remove.
  5. Click Remove User, then Remove.


Change Business Address or Phone Number

Change Primary Business Address

  1. First, sign in to
  2. Click Change next to Primary Mailing Address.
  3. Select the correct address from the list or click Add a New Address.
  4. Lastly, click Save, then Close.

Adjust Other Address or Phone Number

  1. Sign in to QB CAMPS.
  2. Click Edit in front of All Addresses or Phone.
  3. Modify the address or phone number.

There are many cases where the users forget their password and can’t log in to their accounts. To resolve such cases, we provide the steps for retrieving passwords.


How to Retrieve QuickBooks CAMPs Password?

If you forget your CAMPs password, then the following are the steps to retrieve it:

  1. Firstly, go to
  2. Then, click “Sign in”.
  3. Now, select “I forgot my user ID or Password”.
  4. After that, enter your CAMPs account’s email address or attached phone number and click “Continue.”
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to verify your identity, which may involve receiving a verification code via email or text.
  6. Enter the verification code when asked and then click “Continue.”
  7. Afterward, create a new password following the guidelines on the screen.
  8. Click “Reset Password” to update your new account password.
  9. Lastly, sign in to your CAMPS account using your email or user ID and the new password.


Wrapping Up

To wrap up, the QuickBooks CAMPs are an essential tool for managing QuickBooks. It helps you update your info, and business details, remove or add users, and many more. With this blog, we provide you with the creation CAMPs account and how you can utilize it to manage your QuickBooks. However, if you face any issues managing QuickBooks with CAMPs, you can contact our ProAdvisors for help. Thank You!



Q. Can QuickBooks CAMPs be utilized to manage multiple company files?

A. Yes, QuickBooks CAMPs permit the management of numerous company files with a single login. This function is particularly beneficial for accountants and bookkeepers who manage the finances of several clients or enterprises.


Q. Can I personalize my QuickBooks CAMPs dashboard?

A. Absolutely, you can personalize your QuickBooks CAMPs dashboard to display the information that is most relevant to you. You can add or remove widgets and rearrange and resize them according to your preferences.


Q. Can information be exported from QuickBooks CAMPs?

A. Yes, QuickBooks CAMPs can export data in various formats, including Excel, CSV, and PDF. This capability is important if you need to share data with individuals who do not have QuickBooks CAMPs.


Q. How secure are my QuickBooks CAMPs data?

A. QuickBooks CAMPs offer bank-grade security mechanisms to protect your data, including 256-bit SSL encryption and two-factor authentication. QuickBooks’s manufacturer, Intuit, has a strong record of protecting consumer information.


Q. Can QuickBooks CAMPs be used on a mobile device?

A. Yes, QuickBooks CAMP’s has a smartphone app that enables mobile financial management. You can access your dashboard, examine reports, and even submit invoices from your mobile device. The application is compatible with both the platform i.e, iOS and Android smartphones.



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