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Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Error 80070057

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QuickBooks Error 80070057

Welcome to our blog, where we’re committed to helping you easily navigate the world of accounting software! Today, we’re diving into the infamous QuickBooks Error 80070057. This pesky error has been known to catch users off-guard, disrupting their day-to-day business operations.

In this post, we’ll unravel the mystery behind this error, exploring its common causes and providing you with the most effective solutions. With our step-by-step guide, you’ll be able to tackle Error 80070057 in QuickBooks head-on, ensuring your business stays on track and your accounting remains hassle-free. Let’s get started!


What is QuickBooks Error 80070057?

QuickBooks Error Code 80070057 is a common issue user encounter when opening a company file in QuickBooks. Typically, this QuickBooks Error 80070057 occurs due to the following:

  • The company file could have an unsuitable file extension, causing QuickBooks to be unable to identify it.
  • The company file or related components may be corrupt, hindering QuickBooks from opening the file.
  • Network or firewall issues might prevent QuickBooks from reaching the company file stored on a server or another computer.
  • Other software, like antivirus or firewall applications, might interfere with QuickBooks’ ability to access the needed files.
  • An incorrect or incomplete installation of the QuickBooks Software might lead to this error.
  • Utilizing an old or unsupported QuickBooks version can result in compatibility concerns, giving rise to this error.

QuickBooks Error 80070057

How to Fix QuickBooks Error 80070057?

After learning the reasons, let’s fix the QuickBooks Error 80070057. The solutions are the following:

Solution 1: Verify the QuickBooks company file extension

A mismatch between the file extension and the QuickBooks version might cause error 80070057 QuickBooks. The following are the steps:

  1. Locate your QuickBooks Company File on your computer.
  2. Right-click on the file and select ‘Properties.’
  3. In the ‘General’ tab, check the file extension.
  4. Ensure the file extension matches your QuickBooks version:
    1. For QuickBooks Desktop Pro and Premier, the extension should be .qbw.
    2. For QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, the extension should be .qbw or .qba.
  5. If the file extension is incorrect, rename the file with the correct extension.
  6. Open QuickBooks and try to get open your company file.

Solution 2: Run QuickBooks File Doctor

Run QuickBooks File Doctor

QuickBooks File Doctor is a tool that helps diagnose and fix various issues with company files, including error code 80070057 QuickBooks. To use it, the following are the means:

Run QuickBooks File Doctor

  • Browse your company file and click ‘Open.
  • Click ‘Diagnose File’ and wait for the process to complete.
  • If any issues are found, follow the on-screen directions to fix them.
  • Open QuickBooks and try to get open your company file.

    Solution 3: Update QuickBooks

    Updating QuickBooks can resolve various errors, including QuickBooks Error 80070057. To Update QuickBooks go with the following:

    • Open QuickBooks.
    • Click on the ‘Help’ menu.
    • Select ‘Update QuickBooks Desktop.’

    Update QuickBooks

    • Go to the ‘Update Now tab.
    • Click on ‘Get Updates.’
    • After the update, shut and reopen QuickBooks.
    • Install the updates when prompted.
    • Try opening your company file again.

    Solution 4: Configure your firewall and antivirus settings

    Incorrect firewall and antivirus settings might prevent QuickBooks from accessing the company file, causing QuickBooks Error 80070057. To configure these settings, the following are the steps:

    1. Refer to your firewall or antivirus software documentation for instructions on adding QuickBooks as an exception or allowing it through the firewall.
    2. Ensure that the following QuickBooks ports are allowed for both inbound and outbound connections:
      1. 8019, 56728, 55368-55372 (for QuickBooks 2021)
      2. Adjust the port numbers according to your QuickBooks version.
    3. Save the changes and restart your computer.
    4. Open QuickBooks and try to get open your company file.

    Solution 5: Move your company file to the local hard drive of the default location

    Restore QuickBooks Company File

    If your company file is stored on a network drive or external storage device, moving it to the local hard drive might fix QuickBooks Error 80070057:

    1. Firstly, locate your QuickBooks Company File on the network drive or external storage device.
    2. Right-click on the file and select ‘Copy.’
    3. Navigate to a folder on your local hard drive (e.g., C:\Users\Public\Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks\Company Files).
    4. Right-click inside the folder and select ‘Paste’ to copy the file.
    5. Open QuickBooks.
    6. Go to the ‘File’ menu.
    7. Select ‘Open or Restore Company.’
    8. Browse to the folder where you copied the company file and select it.
    9. Click ‘Open’ and check for the error.

    Solution 6: Run QuickBooks as an Administrator

    Running QuickBooks as an Administrator can provide the necessary permissions to access the company file and resolve QuickBooks Error 80070057. To do this:

    1. Close QuickBooks if it’s currently open.
    2. Right-click on the QuickBooks Desktop icon.
    3. Select ‘Run as Administrator’.
    4. If prompted by the User Account Control, click ‘Yes’ to confirm.
    5. Open your company file and check for the error.

    Solution 7: Repair your QuickBooks Desktop installation

    Corrupted or damaged installation files can cause QuickBooks Error 80070057. To repair your installation:

    1. Close QuickBooks and any other running applications.
    2. Click on the Windows ‘Start’ button.
    3. Open the ‘Control Panel.’
    4. Select ‘Programs and Features’ or can click ‘Uninstall a Program.
    5. Control panel
    6. Locate ‘QuickBooks Desktop’ in the list of installed programs, and click on it.
    7. Click ‘Uninstall/Change’ and then ‘Continue’ or ‘Next.
    8. Select ‘Repair’ and click ‘Next.’ The repair process will begin.
    9. Once the repair is complete, click ‘Finish’ and restart your computer.
    10. Open QuickBooks and check for the error

    Solution 8: Create a new Windows user with administrative privileges

    A corrupted user profile on your computer can cause issues with QuickBooks, including QuickBooks Error 80070057. Creating a new user with administrative privileges might resolve the issue:

    1. Click on the Windows ‘Start’ button
    2. Open the ‘Control Panel.’
    3. Select ‘User Accounts.’
    4. Click ‘Add or remove user accounts’ or ‘Manage another account.’
    5. Click ‘Create a new account’ and enter a name for the new user.
    6. Choose ‘Administrator’ as the account type and click ‘Create Account.’
    7. Log out of your Windows user account and sign in with the new Administrator account.
    8. Open QuickBooks.

    Solution 9: Manually address QuickBooks Error 80070057

    Step 1: Rename the .ND file

    1. Navigate to the company file location.
    2. Locate the corresponding .ND file of your company file.
    3. Example: MyCompanyFileName.qbw.nd
    4. Right-click the .ND file and select Rename.
    5. Add .old at the file’s name end.

    Example: MyCompanyFileName.qbw.nd.old

    Note: Proceed to the next step if using QuickBooks Multi User Mode.

    Step 2: Run QuickBooks Database Server Manager on your server

    1. If not already installed, Download QuickBooks Tool Hub and install it.
    2. In the tool hub, select Network Issues.
    3. Choose QuickBooks Database Server Manager
    4. From the QBDBSM hit Start Scan if your company file folder(s) are shown. If not, Browse to the company file location and select Start Scan.
    5. Click Close.


    Call to Action

    Now you got your QuickBooks covered. Following the solutions mentioned above can easily fix the QuickBooks error 80070057. Always remember to open the file safely and update your QuickBooks regularly. If the error continues and you can get it fixed, contact our ProAdvisors using the Live Chat or Email option. Thank You!



    1: What are the common causes of QuickBooks error 80070057?

    A. Some common causes of error 80070057 include:

    1. The incorrect file extension for the QuickBooks company file.
    2. Damaged or corrupted QuickBooks company files.
    3. Outdated QuickBooks software.
    4. Inadequate permissions for accessing the company file.
    5. Firewall or antivirus settings block QuickBooks access to the file.
    6. A corrupted Windows user profile.


    2: Can I prevent QuickBooks error 80070057 from happening in the future?

    A. To minimize the likelihood of encountering error 80070057:

    1. Always ensure your QuickBooks software is up to date.
    2. Regularly back up your company files to avoid data loss.
    3. Configure your firewall and antivirus settings to allow QuickBooks access.
    4. Use the QuickBooks File Doctor tool to detect and fix issues with your company files.
    5. Store your company files on the local hard drive instead of network drives or external storage devices.


    3: How can I recover a damaged or corrupted QuickBooks company file?

    A. To recover a damaged or corrupted company file:

    1. Use the QuickBooks File Doctor tool to diagnose and fix issues with the file.
    2. Restore a backup of your company file before the corruption occurs.
    3. If the previous steps don’t work, contact Intuit QuickBooks Support for professional assistance.


    4: Can third-party software cause QuickBooks error 80070057?

    A. Yes, third-party software, such as antivirus programs or firewalls, can cause error 80070057 by blocking QuickBooks from accessing the company file. To resolve this issue, configure your firewall and antivirus settings to allow QuickBooks access or add it as an exception in the software settings.


    5: Is QuickBooks error 80070057 exclusives to a specific version of QuickBooks?

    A. No, QuickBooks error 80070057 can occur in any version of QuickBooks Desktop, including QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier, and Enterprise. The troubleshooting steps provided in the previous answers apply to all versions of QuickBooks Desktop.


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